Meeko is a therapy dog and employee of BRAVE Police and Public Safety Wellness Center. Currently two years old, Meeko is a Merle Pomeranian who was adopted at 7 weeks. His hobbies include first responder’s yoga, playing with squeaky toys and mama time. Meeko enjoys working with first responders in individual and group therapy. He loves to sit on laps and give comfort to those struggling with PTSD. Meeko is currently “Employee of the Month”. 


Hi, my name is Meeko and I am a therapy dog. I go to work with my mom and help police and other first responders feel better. As police, you are trained to react to situations and handle crises – this demonstrates good policing. But what happens during those down times? Does your body stay heightened as you wait for the next call? This is often the case. This is not good for your mind or body. Take time to paws. When I have down time, I let my body rest. I do this by taking deep breaths and allowing my muscles to relax. It only takes seconds. I take a moment to close my eyes and imagine something peaceful. I call it my calm place.

For example, I imagine myself sitting under my favorite tree and feeling the breeze on a warm spring day. I’m lying on freshly cut grass which is soft beneath my belly. The leaves are green, and the sun is peeking through the tree tops. I can smell the flowers a few feet away, and I’m making a choice to not eat them (maybe tomorrow). I can hear the water softly tipping into the base of the fountain to the right of me. I may get up and take a drink from it. There are deer grazing in the wooded area not far from me, and I’ll definitely chase them later. I am at peace.

Can you imagine your calm place? Notice what you see, hear and smell? How does your calm place make you feel? 

I understand that your day can be filled with lots of negativity. Can you use this moment to think happy thoughts? For example, I think about my family and my fur siblings and how I can always count on them to play and feed me. I think about how grateful I am that I got adopted into a good home. I am proud of my purpose as a therapy dog, and how lucky I am to be working and helping you. Positive thoughts like this remind me that I am grateful for my life. Can you try this between calls? I hope you do. This is all I have for now. Thank you for your service and for letting me be a part of your mental well-being. Remember, take time to paws. 


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Address:                               6323 N. Avondale Ave.,                                          Suite 111, Chicago, IL 60631

Phone: 847-778-9322

Speciality             First Responders Therapy Dog

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