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Our wellness center offers various services specifically tailored to the unique needs of first responders. 


Road to Resiliency

What is resiliency? 

It is a first responders wellness program dedicated to supporting those who serve(d) in the police & public safety sector and those with a military background.

Road to Resiliency is a 12-week, 2-track trauma & addiction program offering mind, body & spiritual wellness to those who serve.

Emotional Wellness

  • Emotional Resiliency Skills
  • Yoga & Stress Management
  • Neuro-Regulation
  • Spirituality


First Responders Outpatient Program

  • Schedule

    9:00am – 12:30pm

  • Mondays

Yoga & themes to promote a healthy you through your creative side.

  • Tuesdays

Yoga, Addiction & Recovery Themes to eliminate unhealthy habits and behaviors. Coping skills are taught to help the first responder build resiliency.

  • Wednesday

Yoga, Processing Stress & Trauma as a First Responder dedicated to processing the stressors associated with being a first responder and childhood and personal experiences rooted in present behaviors and thinking patterns.

  • Thursdays

Yoga, Reboot & Anger Management for First Responders is a spiritually based First Responders 12-week trauma course that uses faith as a lifeline. Anger management teaches strategies to regulate and communicate emotions.

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