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Our wellness center offers various services specifically tailored to the unique needs of first responders. 


Yearly Wellness Check-ins


What is a wellness check-in?

An annual wellness check-in aims to provide agency employees with a safe and confidential setting to receive educational information about officer-wellbeing and to share feelings & experiences about their current living conditions as first responders. 

An annual Well-being Check-in is designed to be proactive & positive. It is NOT meant to be evaluative or punitive. No records or confidential information will be provided to the employee’s agency, only proof of attendance. (Exception: harm to self or others or disclosing abuse to a minor, elderly, or disabled individual).

What is included in the wellness program?

A Well-being Check-in will include structured questions related to officer wellness themes. Subject matter will consist of current issues in policing, healthy communication skills & expression of emotions, stress and anger management, resiliency, integrity, coping strategies, trauma and addiction, diversity, marriage & family, support systems, hobbies, finances, health, and nutrition. First responders will receive a resource packet and certificate of attendance. BRAVE Wellness Check-ins for first responders offer the opportunity to understand the benefits of mental health support and to eliminate the stigma of seeking assistance to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a public safety professional. The employee’s department provides the cost of a BRAVE Wellness Check-in. 

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