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Our wellness center offers various services specifically tailored to the unique needs of first responders. 


Trauma & PTSD Group Therapy


When it comes to treating PTSD, there are many benefits to attending group therapy; in many cases, group therapy can be just as helpful as individual therapy

One of the most significant benefits of group therapy is validation. When surrounded by others struggling with the same problem, they can understand that they’re not alone in their struggles. In a group setting, others experiencing PTSD may be able to more easily recognize and validate their own experiences because they’ve had very similar ones. 

Group therapy also helps individuals to learn from the experiences of others, including the coping strategies that others found compelling and/or new ways of addressing problems. A group setting can expose an individual to perspectives that may have never been considered and can teach better ways of interacting and relating to others. Finding support from others can play a significant role in helping individuals overcome the adverse effects of a traumatic event and PTSD.