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Our wellness center offers various services specifically tailored to the unique needs of first responders. 


Forensic Testing

Forensic testing differs from traditional therapeutic assessment such that its primary goals involve providing explanations for past and present behavior and making predictions about future behavior. Forensic testing is used as a legal fact finder and is one of the most common applications of psychology to the law. 

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Unlike therapeutic assessment, which occurs at the request of the patient, forensic assessment is often conducted at the request of the legal system. 

Although traditional assessment is concerned primarily with the patient’s perspective of the problem or events, forensic assessment is more concerned with the accuracy of events. 

Forensic assessments can serve a number of functions, such as providing actuarial risk measures that assist in determining the likelihood of re-offending for court decisions and correctional case management. Our approach to forensic testing involves clinical/diagnostic testing and actuarial risk measures. Our psychological forensic risk assessments can assist:

Conclusions and opinions are formed from a scientific basis substantiated with multiple methods of data collection.